Wellbeing Packages

Wellbeing is an experience, a sensation of happiness and overall health. It is unique to each of us but is something we all seek to achieve. Our wellbeing can change over time, it requires self-awareness and care. Some may say that once we have achieved wellbeing, we experience a sense of harmony in our lives.

A specific psychotherapeutic strategy for increasing psychological well-being and resilience, Well-Being Therapy, has been developed by Giovanni A. Fava, M.D., and validated in a number of randomized controlled trials. Well-Being Therapy is a short-term strategy, that emphasizes self-observation, with the use of a structured diary, interaction between patients and therapists and homework.

Patients are encouraged to identify episodes of well-being in a diary and to set them into a situational context. Once the instances of well-being are properly recognized, the patient is encouraged to identify thoughts and beliefs leading to premature interruption of well-being (automatic thoughts) as is performed in cognitive therapy.