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Harmony can be attained through balance of thoughts, feelings and action with understanding rather than force. Comes from the balance, the proportion and proper correspondence between the different things in a set. It also defines the relationship of peace, harmony and understanding between two or more people. 

Wherever you may be, reach out to walk on your journey of discovery, explore your own wellbeing and develop your path to harmony.

We can help you learn what wellbeing means to you and develop strategies together to maintain it.

Harmonia Psychology Solutions, was created and is guided through colours. Colours are a form of dialogue with ourselves, so each color is associated with a feeling, desire, gratitude, thought, among others.


This is where Harmonia is born, from spirituality, passion, meditation and the desire for personal growth.

Offering friendly, professional and supportive psychological services is a shared passion across the entire Harmonia team. Providing timely and responsive therapy to our local community is particularly important to us. We believe in a person centred, friendly approach to our service delivery as this ensures that we are designed around the needs of the client. 


“People with passion have a heartfelt, deep, authentic excitement about work. They care –really care in their bones– about colleagues, employees, and friends. They love to learn and grow, and they get a huge kick out of people around them doing the same.”

— Jack Welch , former CEO of General Electric—


Harmonia Psychology Solutions is led by Dr Marta de Madariaga López, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience. Dr Lopez is supported by a team of professional practitioners, allied professionals, and administrative staff.

Marta stands out for her passion for life and her believe in people's inner strengths. She loves the richness and colourful variety that can be found in each and everyone of us and likes to travel to revive her interest in new ways and new cultures. She enjoys acquiring and developing her knowledge and expertise by regularly accessing the latest research available and new ways of working.

Harmonia was born from her pathis led her about 15 years ago to create Harmonia, in order to share her knowledge.

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Your thoughts about us

From start to finish I was treated with empathy, professionalism and everything was well communicated. I received frequent checks on my comprehension of my treatment and also my schedule. I regularly received communication for any changes, or to ensure that I knew how many sessions remained. The facility was calming and comfortable, easy to find and very welcoming. Marta was exceptional, explained very well the processes, the rationale behind them and the intended output/result. Marta allowed me to be very involved with my progress and treatment, but also respected when I felt I needed to stop. Marta helped me get to the crux of my issues in a controlled and supportive environment and provided tools for outside of the facility.  I can't thank her enough for everything.  I felt that she was very skilled and knowledgeable and this gave me a confidence in the treatment I received, alongside the regular praise and motivation from Marta. 


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