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More Than

Have you ever asked yourself what life might be like if you didn’t have to compromise your point of view and your needs when relating with another? Or have you ever experienced difficulties in your relationship with loved ones?... Welcome to our modern complex social world. 

When connecting with one another, humans create constantly evolving systems that require constantly evolving resources to successfully navigate through the infinitively number of circumstances that we might be presented with.

Would you like help navigating through these complexities? 

More than bespoke coaching and care in the conform of your own chosen space via remote secure link, and flexible paced access to a unique opportunity for the change you deserve. Learn how to meet your own needs and attract others in the process, be calm, focus, and assertive in personal and social situations. An opportunity for transformation, where you and perhaps a person/s of your choice join in this opportunity to grow as individuals and as a more than.  

We will shine a light on your communication style and the roles that you adopt to determine their impact on your presenting difficulties. 

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Your Thoughts about us

From start to finish I was treated with empathy, professionalism and everything was well communicated. I received frequent checks on my comprehension of my treatment and also my schedule. I regularly received communication for any changes, or to ensure that I knew how many sessions remained. The facility was calming and comfortable, easy to find and very welcoming. Marta was exceptional, explained very well the processes, the rationale behind them and the intended output/result. Marta allowed me to be very involved with my progress and treatment, but also respected when I felt I needed to stop. Marta helped me get to the crux of my issues in a controlled and supportive environment and provided tools for outside of the facility.  I can't thank her enough for everything.  I felt that she was very skilled and knowledgeable and this gave me a confidence in the treatment I received, alongside the regular praise and motivation from Marta. 


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