We Are


Dr Marta López

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Eloise Browne
Assistant Psychologist

Emily Carter
Assistant Psychologist


 Patricia de Madariaga

Marketing Consultant


Dr Marta de M López

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

As an avid listener of my ancestors' life stories, my young and curious mind soon became fascinated by the half imagined half truths memories formed in mind by their telling of their experiences. These inspired me to embark on a journey of discovery of human experience that would form the basis of my personal and professional perspectives in life.



  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy)

  • MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology with Computing Science​

      Professional Registrations


  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist (CPsych) with the British Psychological Society (BPS)

  • Registered Supervisor with the Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS)

  • Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)

 Emily Carter
Assistant Psychologist

Hi, I’m Emily. I am a Psychology graduate from the University of Birmingham about to start my masters in psychological wellbeing and clinical practice in September. I have a passion for understanding the human mind and mental health from since I can remember.

I have volunteered all around the globe including Vietnam and have a huge passion for engaging in different cultures and speaking to different people. My love for psychology emerged from my A-level work where I was able to gain an A* from all my hard work and passion for the subject.

I have a love for sport, and this is something I believe is key in helping people’s mental health and has certainly been something I have experienced myself to help me feel good on a day-to-day basis.

Getting to do my dream degree at the University of Birmingham has been key to start my pathway into becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I am currently gaining as much experience as possible from my masters, support worker role in a CAMHS ward and assisting Dr Lopez.

For the future I hope to bring a lot to the clinical world of mental health, and I am so excited to see where this path takes me.

One thing to note about me is I am very chatty and confident and just love to talk. I think my favourite thing is just sitting and having food with friends and family and having a good chat about life.



  • University of Birmingham, BSc Psychology (2.1 with honours).

  • Bury Grammar School Girls, A-Levels: Psychology (A*) , Physical Education (A), Biology (B) and Extended Project Qualification (A)

  • 11 GCSEs (3A*s, 6As, 2Bs)

 Eloise Browne
Assistant Psychologist

My name is Eloise Browne, and I am a Psychology student going into my final year at the University of Birmingham which I thoroughly enjoy. I am aspiring to be a Child Psychologist, so I am hopeful to complete a doctorate after my undergraduate degree. My interest in helping children started after becoming a qualified swimming teacher 5 years ago which I still try to do when I can and in my free time, I love to be active whether that is running or swimming as I find it very rewarding and relaxing. In addition, another thing I find rewarding is volunteering, one volunteer role I completed was at my local domestic abuse organisation which was harrowing at times but still insightful and eye-opening. Lastly, I love to socialise with friends especially when we try new places to eat and drink and spend our time in new places.

  • Qualifications

  • University of Birmingham, BSc Psychology, on track for a First Classification.

  • Colstons School, A-Levels: History(A*), Psychology(A), Drama(A), EPQ on Body Dysmorphic Disorder(A).

  • Level 1- ASA Award Teaching Aquatics (QCF) and Level 2 Teaching Swimming. I have worked as a Swim teacher for the past six years.


 Patricia de Madariaga

Marketing Consultant

Creative spirit, enthusiastic about seeing the world through design. In love with unknown brands with innovative ideas.

Always in search of new challenges.


Believer in constant personal development.


  • Master’s Degree (M)² Marketing and e-commerce.

  • Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) Administration and Finance.

  • Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) Business Management and Marketing.


 Meet our   Collaborators

Daisy Mayer

Hi I’m Daisy, I am currently finishing off my psychology degree at the University of Birmingham before heading to the University of Reading to start a masters in clinical psychology. My passion lies in making mental health services accessible to everyone, hence why I enjoy my role at Harmonia so much. My hobbies include going to the gym, trying out new foods and getting my nails done


Saniya Karim

I am in my final year as an UG student studying BSc Psychology at the University of Birmingham. I volunteer with an ABA therapy team to support a severely autistic child and have a range of other completed fundraising and employment experiences. My hobbies include powerlifting, working on projects for my small business, which incorporates resin and acrylic work. Soon, I hope to create a blog, informing the relations between mental wellbeing, cultural dilemmas, and its impact on people’s behaviour.


Sophie Shatford

Hi, I’m Sophie, I am in my final year of studying Psychology at the University of Birmingham. I have a volunteered at mental health services where I have supported individuals with an array of mental health issues. I am passionate about the clinically meaningful change psychology can bring and hope to pursue a career where I can use this knowledge in the future.


Madeleine Berry

My name is Madeleine Berry and I am a Psychology student at the University of Birmingham. I love to travel, and I am moving to Australia to study at the University of Melbourne this year, when COVID-19 permits me to. My favourite thing to do is be out in the sun, listening to music, and laughing with my friends.


Leah Sharkah

Leah is a final year Psychology student with aspirations of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. In parallel with her studies, she is also a creative freelance writer.

Khadijah Khan

 I’m Khadijah, my diligent nature has aided me in becoming a strong-willed individual. I work hard to achieve my goals and take pride in the work I do. I love learning and like to take on new challenges to expand my knowledge on the world and increase my experiences. I adapt quickly to new situations and I am not afraid to ask advice or for clarification when needed – these skills allow me to learn quickly and become a valuable member to any team.


From start to finish I was treated with empathy, professionalism and everything was well communicated. I received frequent checks on my comprehension of my treatment and also my schedule. I regularly received communication for any changes, or to ensure that I knew how many sessions remained. The facility was calming and comfortable, easy to find and very welcoming. Marta was exceptional, explained very well the processes, the rationale behind them and the intended output/result. Marta allowed me to be very involved with my progress and treatment, but also respected when I felt I needed to stop. Marta helped me get to the crux of my issues in a controlled and supportive environment and provided tools for outside of the facility.  I can't thank her enough for everything.  I felt that she was very skilled and knowledgeable and this gave me a confidence in the treatment I received, alongside the regular praise and motivation from Marta.