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Over the last decade, there have been many significant advancements within the healthcare industry. Today, we have the ability to produce 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, use artificial intelligence to improve health data, and get personalized healthcare via smartphones and sensors, with many more solutions being created daily.Yet, even with the onslaught of innovative technologies within healthcare, we know very little about how the brain functions.

"Your Behaviour Won't Be The Same" | Dr. Andrew Huberman (Stanford Neuroscientist)

The Huberman Lab Podcast discusses Neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body controls our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health

A fresh, New Take on Cognitive Health and performance

At Harmonia Psychology Solutions our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths and are always on the hunt for new and innovative services that we can use to help inform and objectively measure the effectiveness of our wellness plans. As part of our growing commitment to cognitive health and well-being, we are introducing a cognitive assessment service called CBS Health to objectively measure core aspects of cognition, in conjunction with our existing services. Key highlights of CBS Health include:


  • CBS Health accurately measures cognition and produces an individualized report that tracks how you’re progressing on your wellness journey

  • CBS Health tasks are highly engaging, gamified, and convenient (completion time of 1.5 – 3 minutes per task), and can be taken online or in person using common everyday devices like iPads, or desktop and laptop computers – try it now by clicking here

  • The tasks have been developed by leading neuroscientists over the last 25+ years, taken over 8 million times, and used in 300+ peer-reviewed studies of cognition.

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