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Why choose to have a private consultation?

In recent years, and particularly in recent months, lack of resources and increased demands have left public sector mental health services depleted and almost impossible to access unless you become very ill indeed. Given that the best indicator for improved outcomes in any area of healthcare is swift access to high quality specialist services, time is at an essence.

When you confront any sort of problem you may choose to pay for the opinion of a specialist directly. Perhaps you have tried to access public sector services or are waiting for services to become available to you.

Whatever is troubling you (or someone close to you), we are willing to help by assessing your circumstances and offering an individually tailored intervention or advising on a more suitable service for you.

You can either book your consultation here, or, if you would like a bit more information, you are welcome to fill in our initial enquiry form and someone will give you a call to talk it through further. Alternatively, you can email us on

Fees – Explained

In the majority of cases, you will need a 50 minute assessment. This will cost you £200.00 which is payable in advance. This cost will include a written opinion or assessment summary and/or a suggested treatment plan, if required.

There may be additional fees payable after the assessment, for which you will receive an invoice: for example, for the costs for cognitive assessments agreed between you and your psychologist at the time of assessment.

You could also be charged, by the minute, for any extra time spent in the consultation if the meeting runs over one hour, but this is at the discretion of the consultant.

For children or adolescents, there is always an initial 30 minute assessment consultation for the child’s parent or guardian along with a letter setting out a proposed plan for which we charge £200.00 – this is also payable in advance. An estimate of the likely cost of any proposed treatment plan is then provided after that initial discussion. You can read more about the treatment of children here. 

Standard Fees

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Adult Attachment Interview Fees


Online Cognitive Assessment Fees

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Therapeutic Interventions Packages

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